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Renault Master and Renault Trafic:

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Renault Brochure

Both the Master and Trafic are versatile vehicles making them ideal for minibus conversions.

As an accredited Renault Converter, Warnerbus guarantees that your Renault conversion will be of the highest quality and type approved.

We offer accessible minibuses and PTS vehicles to your individual specifications, along with minibuses.

Just a few features of our minibuses are listed below:


The nearside entrance can have a variety of side steps fitted to it for ease of access. We offer under-floor steps, cassette steps and the option of manual or power operation. Handrails and D handles are also available as an option.

For rear access, a huge range of tail-lifts is available from various manufacturers offering you the perfect wheelchair access solution.


M1 / M2 tested seats in a variety of sizes and trims. Lap and diagonal belts, head rests and arm rests are just a few of the options available.


Warnerbus will not compromise upon safety and, for this reason, we insist that all of our vehicles are fitted with the innotrax strengthened floor. Each floor is tailored to your bespoke vehicle and we can guarantee that each of our Coachbuilders has attended Unwin's rigid training program and that Warnerbus has approved supplier status. Once fitted to your vehicle, a high quality, anti-slip covering is fitted to the floor.

Please contact us on 01582 965738 to discuss specific floor plans.


The sides and roof of the vehicles are ply lined, then covered with high quality trim. You also have the option of a wipe down interior. Optional extras include storage areas, lockers and lots more, depending on the space available.

Heating and Ventilation systems

Warnerbus offers a number of optional extras to improve the passengers' comfort levels within your vehicle. Air conditioning and additional heating systems can be fitted, along with climate control.

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Renault Trafic High Roof
LWB High roof (L2/H2)

Renault Trafic High Roof
The New Renault Trafic
SWB High Roof

High Roof Renault Trafic
The Renault Trafic
LWB High Roof

Renault Master LWB Wheelchair Accessible Minibus Conversion
Renault Master

Renault Master Wheelchair Access via Tail Lift
Renault Master
Tail-lift access

Renault Master Minibus Seating and tail-lift
Renault Master
Interior view of Seating and tail-lift

Renault Trafic Minibus Seating
Renault Trafic

Side Step Renault Master Minibus
Renault Master
Side Step

Side Step Renault Trafic Minibus
Renault Trafic
Side step

Renault Trafic Floor tracking
Renault Trafic
Floor tracking

Renault Trafic Minibus
Renault Trafic

Renault Trafic Minibus with retained stepwell
Renault Trafic
OEM Retained stepwell

Renault Trafic Minibus OEM Stepwell
Renault Trafic
Close up of retained OEM Stepwell

Renault Trafic Wheelchair Accessible Minibus
Renault Trafic LWB High Roof
Wheelchair Accessible Minibus

Renault Trafic automatic side step
Renault Trafic
Automatic Side step access

Automatic Fold Up step from Warnerbus
Automatic Side Step stowed
Fitted to Renault Trafic

Minibus Automatic fold up Side Step
Automatic fold up Step half deployed
Simply Operated

Minibus Automatic Side Step
Side Access Automatic Step
Automatic fold up step deploying

Renault Trafic L2H2 Wheelchair accessible minibus
Renault Trafic WAV
L2H2 with automatic side step

Renault Trafic Wheelchair Access Minibus.gif
Renault Trafic Wheelchair Access Minibus

Disabled passenger vehicle
DPV Renault Trafic
Long wheelbase with high roof