Whether you require lift access for a single wheelchair, or an extra long lift for a stretcher, Warnerbus can assist you with your requirements. We offer a selection of high quality, in-board or underfloor tail-lifts from a variety of manufacturers, which cater for all of your wheelchair needs. All lifts are safe, reliable and of a high quality, providing protection for passengers and peace of mind for the operators.

If you require access via a ramp, please contact us as IVA requirements very much restrict the use of them. if information is required regarding ramps and the current IVA legislation, please contact us for more information.

image Ricon Tail lift operation

This Ricon tail lift is fitted to a Renault Trafic, converted by Warnerbus. Full safety training is always provided to our customers to ensure the correct and safe operation and you'll never forget when its service is due or the LOLER test as we'll always drop you a friendly reminder.
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Click pictures below for close up views

Ricon Tail Lift fitted to Citroen Relay Minibus
Ricon Tail-lift
Fitted to a Citroen Relay

Tail Lift fitted to Warnerbus Wheelchair Accessible Minibus
Ricon Tail-lift
Fitted to Citroen Relay

Ricon Tail-lift fitted to Warnerbus wheelchair accessible vehicle
Ricon Tail-lift

PLS Underfloor Tail Lift fitted to Renault Master Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
PLS Underfloor Tail-lift

Underfloor Tail Lift for Wheelchair Accessible Minibus
Under Floor Tail-lift

PLS Underfloor tail lift fitted to Wheelchair Accessible Minibus
PLS tail-lift

Ratcliff Tail Lift fitted to Minibus
Ratcliff tail-lift

Ratcliff Underfloor tail-lift fitted to VW Crafter Wheelchair Accessible Minibus
Under floor Ratcliff tail-lift

Braun Tail Lift fitted to Minibus
998 tail-lift

Stretcher Tail Lift fitted to Wheelchair Accessible Minibus conversion
Ricon Stretcher tail-lift

Ricon Stretcher Tail Lift
Ricon Stretcher Lift
Half Deployed

Deployed Stretcher Tail Lift fitted to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
Ricon Stretcher Tail-lift