Manual, Automatic and Electric Side Steps:

Warnerbus offers a vast selection of both manual and electric side steps for your vehicle, along with the all new automatic side step which requires no wiring. All steps are manufactured to the highest quality and many are fitted with an audiable warning system in the form of a buzzer through the ignition.

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image Click picture for close up view

Automatic Fold Up step fitted to Renault Trafic
Automatic Side Step stowed
Fitted to Renault Trafic

Minibus Automatic fold up Side Step
Automatic fold up Step
Simply Operated

Minibus Automatic Side Step
Side Access Automatic Step
Automatic fold up step

Automatic Fold Up step
Automatic Side Step close up view
Fitted to Renault Trafic

Warnerbus Automatic door operated side step
Door operated Automatic Side Step
Fitted to Citroen Relay

Side step with handrails
Side Step with additional handrails
Fitted to a Renault Master

Cassette Side Step fitted to Renault Trafic Minibus
Cassette Step
Fitted to Renault Trafic

Peugeot Boxer Minibus Fold Out Step
Fold out step
Fitted to Peugeot Boxer

Deployed Fold Out Step fitted to VW Crafter Wheelchair Accessible Minibus
Fold Out Step
Fitted to VW Crafter

Minibus Manual Side Step
Side Step
Electrically or Manually operated

Minibus Manual Cassette Side Step
Cassette Step
Manually Operated

Minibus Foot Operated Side Step
Side Access Step
Manual foot operated