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Sixty years ago, when BCOP was founded, the welfare state was a new idea, with its aim of helping and supporting Britain's more vulnerable citizens. Charities had been doing just that for centuries, but now the state was going to take up the challenge, too. Within a couple of years of BCOP's birth in 1946, legislation was introduced to particularly help older people, both financially and in terms of accommodation and care.

Today the legislation is still there, but so, too, are the many challenges facing older people in our society. The charities set up to help them are also still there, and BCOP's commitment to broadening choices for older people remains as strong today as it ever was. Things may have improved for our older citizens, but the problems they face each day have not gone away. Every Winter we hear of older people dying of cold-related illnesses, as they struggle on low fixed-incomes, trying to balance the cost of basics, like food and clothing, with the ever increasing prices of energy and fuel to keep warm.


So, clearly things haven't improved enough. This is why a charity like BCOP still exists, exploring innovative ways of maximising its limited resources to improve the quality of life for older people. But broadening choices costs money, so this is where you come in. There are so many ways you could help and you can be sure that your donation however small will really be a helping hand.

There's no doubt that a donation of money is vitally important, but did you know that you could donate things like stocks and shares, or even property, and do so in a way that is highly tax-effective? This means that both the donor and the charity can increase the value of the donation, thanks to the various government-backed schemes for charitable giving.

BCOP Minibus Appeal


Throughout 2010, BCOP undertook several fundraising activities to raise money to purchase a minibus for its residents. Activities included Clay Pigeon Shooting, a quiz night, golf day and a Kilamanjaro climb. In addition, several Trusts donated money and the BCOP Nursing Homes and Schemes held their very own fund raising events with their residents.

The campaigns commenced earlierduring 2010 year and with £30K raised, BCOP have managed to place the order for the minibus which was delivered in April 2011. Our new minibus has been affectionately named 'Polly 2' and is already in full service.

Its been 49 years since the original minibus 'Polly' was taken off the roads after 9 years of the Bedford OB taking BCOP residents on day trips to the seaside and other local attractions.

BCOP's new minibus converted by Warnerbus

BCOP Minibus Appeal and your continuing support

Although the minibus has been fully paid for, the every day running costs continue to spiral. Fuel, maintenance and insurance are just some of the costs that we need to continually find and, therefore, any donations for the running of Polly 2 will be gratefully received.


Some of our residents with our new minibus 'Polly 2'.

Different Ways to Support BCOP:


Donating property whether buildings or land to a charity can help reduce your tax bill in the year the gift is made. Not only is there the income tax relief gain to the donor, but the sums also take into account any capital gains on the value of the property since you acquired it.


Over the years, legacies to BCOP have had a huge impact on this charity's ability to help older people. Here, too, there can be tax advantages, since the gift to BCOP is included in the other expenses of the estate of the deceased, escaping the inheritance tax net.

To help you and your legal or financial advisers, BCOP has produced a Guide to Tax-Effective Charitable Giving. It provides more detailed information about the various ways in which your donation whatever form it takes can benefit both you and this charity. It's available free and we would be happy to send you a copy.

Corporate Supporters

Just as individuals can take advantage of tax-effective gifts to BCOP, so also can businesses and our free guide can tell you more. There are also sponsorship opportunities, enabling a company to gain from its partnership with BCOP in helping older people.


If you were to donate money to support BCOP's work, there's a scheme called Gift Aid that can increase the actual amount of your donation. It's designed to enable the charity to claim back tax (either income tax or capital gains tax) that you may have paid. It doesn't cost you any more and all you have to do is sign a Gift Aid form that we will supply. If you wish to donate online please Click here

Contact us

If you wish to contact our head office or if you wish to make contact with someone in a particular department, please refer to the information below:

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Tel No. 0121 459 7670
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Thank you

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